Nov. 20 - 22, 2024

Why Osaka?

1. Osaka is the second largest city in Japan economically

In terms of gross prefectural product, Osaka Prefecture is the second highest in the nation, following Tokyo. Many companies have their headquarters and factories here, making it a large market area.

→ The Osaka Edition offers many business opportunities

2. 86.7% of Visitors of Osaka edition are coming from Western Japan area

→ Even if you are exhibiting at the Edition held in Tokyo, you can reach a different audience than at that time.

3. Osaka Edition is supported by major companies and government agencies

[Event Ambassadors]



Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Zosen Corporation

OSAKA,JAPAN Zero Carbon Smart City Foundation

・・・and more

Event Ambassadors are companies that support the purpose of the SMART ENERGY WEEK [Osaka] and GREEN TRANSFORMATION WEEK [Osaka] to "promote carbon neutrality from Osaka to the world" and collaborate with us. With the cooperation of the event ambassadors, we will contribute to the realisation of a carbon-neutral society and the economic development of western Japan region through the hosting of this exhibition.

For Those Considering Exhibiting at PV EXPO Osaka

The western region of Japan, including Osaka, benefits from lower latitudes and longer hours of sunlight compared to eastern Japan, creating conditions more conducive to solar power generation. 
Consequently, there is a greater amount of electricity generated in western Japan than in eastern Japan.

→ Many solar power industry stakeholders visit the Osaka Edition

For Those Considering Exhibiting at BATTERY OSAKA

The bay area of Osaka is home to many battery-related manufacturers and is known as "Battery Bay," and Kansai district (including Osaka pref.) accounts for about 40% of the national share in product shipments for the rechargeable battery manufacturing industry.
Additionally, there is a record of visits from battery manufacturers and automotive companies in the past, as follows.

Past Visitor List of
<Battery Manufacturers>

  • Panasonic [Osaka]
  • GS Yuasa [Kyoto]
  • Murata Manufacturing [Kyoto]
  • Maxell [Kyoto]
  • Hitachi Zosen [Osaka]
  • Sumitomo Electric Industries [Osaka]
  • NGK Insulators [Aichi]
  • FDK [Tottori]
  • Nichicon [Kyoto]
  • Omron [Kyoto]
  • Kyocera [Kyoto]
  • Hitachi Chemical [Mie]
  • Eliiy Power [Shiga]
  • Blue Energy [Kyoto]
  • Lithium Energy Japan [Shiga]
  • ...etc.

Past Visitor List of
<Automobile Manufacturers>

  • Toyota Motor Corporation [Aichi]
  • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation [Aichi]
  • Mazda [Hiroshima]
  • Daihatsu Motor Co. [Osaka]
  • Aisin [Aichi]
  • Denso [Aichi]
  • ...etc.

A lot of needs for battery related products/technologies in Osaka area

Exhibit at Osaka edition and expand your sales largely!

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