Ensure you are promoting the current forecast in draft and then click on the out of office assistant, which will take you to the second screen in order to promote your updated budget pack to your Portfolio director.


FAQs If you have questions regarding the conference, please check the following for your answers.

Q1: Will the conference be available virtually?
No. The conference will be held only at the venue on site.

Q2: How can I apply?
Online pre-registration is required for some sessions. Please make sure to secure your seat before applications become full. Conference registration is required separately from Invitation Ticket application for the exhibition.

*Simultaneous translation is available for all sessions which require pre-registration.

Q3: When/How can I get the Conference Ticket?
After completing the online application, please printout or take a screenshot of the Conference Ticket (QR code) and bring it to the conference venue.

Q4: What can I do if I forgot to bring the ticket?
Please redownload the Conference Ticket (QR code)  on "My Page."
If you forget your ID or Password, please reissue at the end of the Login page.
If you forget your e-mail address, please ask conference management via e-mail.

Q5: I applied for an Invitation Ticket/VIP Invitation (and registered my e-mail address), but I cannot log in to MyPage for the Conference.
Please make sure you have registered for the conference. If you do not see an email with the subject line: [Application Confirmation] Smart Energy Week [September] 2023 Conference or an email from the email address [[email protected]] , your registration for the conference may not have been completed

Conference registration is separate from the exhibition's invitation ticket registration. We apologize for the time and trouble it may take to register, but we would appreciate it if you could complete the registration for the conference.

Q6: Where is the conference venue?
Conference will be held at Makuhari Messe, Japan.
The details will be available in the beginning of September.  
 > Conference Venue

Q7: Is there a deadline for the application?
No. However, online application will be closed when it reaches full capacity. The sessions with 'Fully Booked' signs on the page are already closed.
If you are planning to attend a specific seminar, we suggest you apply as soon as possible.

Q8: What time does the registration for each session start?
Registration will open 30 minutes prior to the session. Please be aware that the starting time of registration might vary depending on the session.


Conference Enquiries