About the Show

About World Smart Energy Week

All kinds of technologies/products related to "hydrogen & fuel cell", "solar cell/module", "PV systems", "rechargeable battery", "smart grid", "wind energy", "biomass power" and "thermal power" are gathering. Each field is divided into specialised 7shows, and active business meetings will be conducted among exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Also, Technical conferences take place by industry's top leaders every day. It is held three times a year in Tokyo (Sep. 2022), (Mar. 2023) and Osaka (Nov. 2022).

Show Outline

World Smart Energy Week Consists of the Following 7 Shows


FC EXPO is world's largest show for hydrogen & fuel cell. Leading international exhibition showcasing various technologies, components, materials, devices and finished fuel cells for hydrogen and fuel cell R&D and manufacturing. It is held twice a year in Tokyo (Mar. 2023), (Sep. 2022).


PV EXPO is Japan's largest show for the PV industry. The latest technologies, materials, manufacturing technologies, and solar cell/module will be exhibited from across the globe. It is held three times a year in Osaka (Nov. 2022) and Tokyo (Mar. 2023), (Sep. 2022).


BATTERY JAPAN is world's leading international exhibition for rechargeable battery, showcasing various components, materials, devices for rechargeable battery R&D and manufacturing, and finished rechargeable batteries. It is held three times a year in Osaka (Nov. 2022) and Tokyo (Mar. 2023), (Sep. 2022).


INT'L SMART GRID EXPO is Japan's largest international exhibition showcasing various cutting-edge technologies and products related to smart grid and smart communities. It is held three times a year in
Osaka (Nov. 2022) and Tokyo (Mar. 2023), (Sep. 2022).


WIND EXPO is Japan's largest wind energy show. From components, devices, various services to wind turbines...a wide range of cutting-edge products and technologies will be exhibited. It is held twice a year in Tokyo (Mar. 2023), (Sep. 2022).


INT'L BIOMASS EXPO is Japan's largest show for biomass power generation. Exhibition specialised in biomass power generation and its related equipment, technologies and services. It is held twice a year in Osaka (Nov. 2022) and Tokyo (Mar. 2023), (Sep. 2022).

Zero Emission Thermal Power Generation EXPO

Zero Emission Thermal Power Generation EXPO is Japan's largest show for thermal power generation technologies. Efficient and eco-friendly ways to generate thermal energy is grabbing the attention of the energy industry. Engineering technologies and components to build, maintain and operate such thermal power plants will be exhibited. 
It is held  once a year in Tokyo (Mar. 2023).

Concurrent Show of World Smart Energy Week

An exhibition gathering decarbonisation solutions such as Corporate PPA, Renewable Energy, Technology for Energy Management, Net Zero Energy Building, Next-Gen Ventilation, etc.
Those who are in charge of corporate management, executive board, corporate planning, factory/building management, etc. will visit to find decarbonisation solutions.

A new exhibition contributes to a shift from a linear economy to a circular economy.
It will gather all kinds of solutions such as circular design, sustainable materials, PaaS (product as a service) related tech., resource recovery/recycling/reprocessing technologies, etc.
The exhibition will be launching in March 2023 next to DECARBONISATION EXPO [March] and World Smart Energy Week [March].
(RESOURCE CIRCULATION EXPO, which was held until March 2022, will be integrated into this exhibition.)

Exhibit Profile

Renewable Energy

  • PV
  • Wind
  • Biomass
  • Hydrogen/Fuel Cell

Rechargeable Battery

  • Household Storage Battery
  • Industrial Energy Storage System
  • Power Storage Control Technology

Energy/Power-saving Technology

  • Demand Response System
  • VPP System

Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment

  • Power Conditioner
  • Large-capacity Power Storage System
  • Transformer/Switchboard
  • V2H System

Next-generation Thermal Power Generation

Advanced Environmental Technology

  • EV
  • Fuel Cell Vehicle(FCV)
  • Heat Utilisation Technology

Resource Recycling Technology

  • Waste Dismantling Device
  • Logistics Service
  • Water Treatment Technology


Visitor Profile

Professionals from the following sectors:

  • Electric Company
  • Gas Company
  • Government
  • Municipality
  • Developer
  • General Contractor
  • House Manufacturers
  • New Entrant to Energy Industry
  • Industrial Waste Treatment, Dismantling Operation


About the Show